Gardenia Center hosting a spirituality and health event

At 7 p.m. today, July 7, the Gardenia Center at Sandpoint is hosting a free event about the relationship between spiritual endeavors and your emotional and mental health. The Gardenia Center is on the corner of Fourth and Church, directly across from the post office.

Originally, the Gardenia Center housed another local church. The building was sold to Marilyn Chambers and Associates who later founded the center.

The main impetus has been and is to serve the spiritual community in practical terms. As stated in the Gardenia Center’s mission statement, “Our sincere intention and purpose is to reach out and serve others who also feel the need to awaken and live in joyful harmony with one another. others.”

One of the major innovations of the center has been to use varied speakers for Sunday services as well, and this is how the event is organised. This way, those with expertise in their field can speak in more specific terms. Moreover, the community can then compare different perspectives of its own interest.

Presentations will be given on various aspects of spirituality and health, some mental and some physical. Three practicing holistic healers will discuss their areas of expertise in a free event open to the public. The Gardenia Center recently hosted another successful holistic health fair also free to the public.

Due to the continuing fear and anxiety about diseases that seem to circle the world, new alternatives to pharmaceuticals have appeared or reappeared. The new techniques cover many facets ranging from food to ancient medicines. Moreover, it is widely recognized, even in mainstream medical practice, that anxiety and stress play an important role in the body’s susceptibility to disease. Therefore, non-physical practices are also recognized and used such as behavioral therapy. These alternatives have proven effective and involve the use of natural organic substances from nature on the one hand, and mental approaches such as meditation on the other. Each of the presenters will speak about their area of ​​expertise and then take questions from the audience.

Laura Clemens will talk about “Plant and Spirit Medicine”. Carl Hudson will explain “energy medicine” and Brooke Heather will explore “mental and emotional balance”. Each of these women has local health practices. In addition, Mark Reiner will give a presentation describing how these new approaches can be put into practice. His talk is titled “Be Awakened to New Possibilities” and will demonstrate how your mind and emotions not only influence your actions, but can also bring about positive change across the world.

Joseph K. Bennett