Gaming’s biggest first-party games are finally coming to PC in January

The PC continues to become the best place for games, as more top-rated console exclusives make their way to the platform.

For decades there have been people who swear by PC gaming, with a level of choice and customization unmatched by any console. Still, those who stuck with PC gaming missed out on console exclusives, including some of the best gaming experiences to offer. Still, in recent years, more and more exclusives have made their way to PC, as Microsoft and Sony embrace the platform more than ever before.

Since Microsoft owns the Windows operating system, the company has naturally started releasing all of its latest console exclusives on PC alongside Xbox. Even his latest hits, like Infinite Halo and Forza Horizon 5, have all been released on Steam as well as its own Windows Store, which is a huge step forward in PC gaming acceptance. And the Windows Store even offers Xbox Game Pass, which includes hundreds of great games for a monthly fee.

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Sony has clearly been more cautious in bringing its exclusives to PC, but that’s all changed over the past year. Horizon Zero Dawn released on Steam in August 2020 and marked a shift in how Sony embraced PC gaming for its exclusives. More recently, God of the war and the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection were both announced for PC, with God of the war released on January 14. It’s a big step forward for Sony, because although the games are a few years old, they’re still considered exclusives for console sales.

Despite the transition from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo continues to be reluctant to share its games. The idea of ​​games like mario, Zelda Where Pokemon appearing on PC seems very unlikely, although it is not an impossibility. Some third-party Nintendo Switch games have made the jump to PC, like the popular RPG Octopath Travelerwhich made its way to Steam in 2019 and Rise of the Monster Hunterwhich will be released on PC in early January.

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Sleepwalker from Monster Hunter Rise

Bringing these console exclusives to PC has a lot of benefits. The obvious is that these games are shared with a wider audience, which is never a bad thing. On top of that, the PC versions almost always include vast improvements over the console versions. Given what the PC is capable of, games typically feature higher resolutions, better lighting, higher FPS caps, and more. These ports clearly seem to have it figured out, since the latest trailers for the God of the war and Rise of the Monster Hunter The PC versions didn’t show the story, but instead focused on all the new features offered, such as rendering technologies like DLSS, which dramatically increase performance.

Although the transition to PC has been slow, there’s never been a better time to play on PC. Microsoft has fully embraced bringing its latest games to PC, and while Sony isn’t quite there yet, it has begun to bring many of the biggest hits of recent years to the PC market. The PC platform is truly becoming the place where all games come together, as the community grows with more great games every year, and that’s good for everyone.

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