Fun Christmas party games for work that you will enjoy

We all love Christmas board games in the office. These are interesting, fun and further builds team spirit. As part of these games we can celebrate Christmas and all these activities that accompany the holiday season.

Now go for it! Run away ! Run away from everything!

Exciting Christmas games for the office

If you are wondering which are the best Christmas desktop games, read on to find out more. We present to you the list of the best Christmas games for your desktop.

1. Pass the present tense

Pass the present is one of the most interesting Christmas party games for work. The game is fun and easy to play. All you need to do is pass the gift to the person next to you while the music is playing. When the music stops, your gift will be in someone’s hands. At the same time, you will have someone’s gift in your hands. What a great way to get a gift from a colleague!

2. Clothing competition

As part of the fun Christmas games for the office, you can organize a dress competition. It is something that can be really fun for every employee. Each of them can dress up as an elf, Santa Claus, or villain. Some additions like reindeer ears will also be interesting. You can also run a competition and run first, second and third place with rewards for each place. As a reward, you can offer free sweets, cakes and drinks.

3. Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is one of the best christmas party games for work. You can hide special items like candy and gifts in the office and invite employees to find them. The first team to find all the items can celebrate the victory. At the same time, you can organize the hunt around the office building and make the game even more interesting. This will awaken the spirit of competition among the employees.

4. Christmas carol game

In this game you have to guess the popular Christmas songs played by popular musicians. The person with the best answers gets the prize and wins the game. The songs can be quite different but popular. From Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” to Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, your favorite Christmas songs can be played and guessed by coworkers. You don’t have to be a fan of these bands and musicians, but you have certainly heard of the songs that represent the Christmas time.

5. Anecdotes about Christmas carols

With Christmas Carol Trivia, you can ask endless questions and have the right answers. Make a list of the most popular questions and answers and give your colleagues a little thought. Ask questions like “What is the name of Jesus’ place of birth?” Or “What is traditionally put on top of the Christmas tree?” Those who know the answers will respond with “Bethlehem” and “an angel”.

6. Virtual desktop Christmas games

You can also organize virtual office Christmas games for your employees. In these games, you can play with different outfits or sing songs, or just toast with homemade mulled wine. No matter what celebration you choose, you can be sure that your virtual party will be as good as a real time party in the office.

All of the mentioned office Christmas party games can be plates with a small group or a larger group of employees. Each employee can enjoy the games and decorations in the office.

You can make Christmas the best time of the year for your employees. This is the time for some Christmas desktop games which are reserved only for the holiday season. Make the most of your time and take a break from your tasks by having a big Christmas party in your office.

Joseph K. Bennett