Fortnite hints at a possible Baller event in the near future

The controversial Baller vehicle could return to Fortnite very soon.

The Baller was a widely hated vehicle in Fortnite that competitive players found a bit overpowering. It offered incredible mobility and gave players a huge advantage during rotation while protecting players from incoming damage. Pros have expressed their hatred of the Baller in the past. Since then, the Baller rarely appears on the map.

But Epic is never afraid to challenge what the esports community wants. A mech known as the BRUTE was another point of frustration for high-level players, but Epic was adamant that it remained in the game, even in tournaments, as it gave new players a fighting chance. to get killed. Now the Baller may be back.

Is the Baller vehicle holding an event in Fortnite?

Official Fortnite social media accounts have started hinting at a Baller-related event. The French Fortnite Twitter account asked fans: “Would you like a little bubble ride this weekend? The Fortnite Middle East account hinted that “Ball Vehicle Madness” is coming soon.

This could mean that a Baller-related event will take place this weekend, possibly Sunday. If the Ballers come back strong, it will most likely be for challenges that require a Baller in some way. Ballers might also start spawning at a higher rate.

For now, this is just speculation based on clues from Fortnite Twitter accounts. It’s not entirely clear how Ballers will play a role in the upcoming event, if there is to be one.

Where to find Ballers in Fortnite

Until there is a possible Baller update in the near future, Ballers can be found inside the Rave Cave. This is a new point of interest that is on the west side of the island introduced in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Balls are often destroyed early in the game, so you’ll want to get there quickly. Follow the Ballercoaster trail through the area. The pink track will take you to a platform full of Ballers. Use the Baller to ride the Screwballer roller coaster tracks.

Keep in mind that Ballers run out of fuel after a short period of time and cannot be refueled.

Joseph K. Bennett