Fortnite channels Fall Guys with its summer party games

Fortnite and Fall Guys had a brief summer fling a few weeks ago with the Major Mancakes skin, but things are really heating up now. While not an official crossover, it’s impossible not to see the influence in a brand new map brought to us by Pixel Hunters.

This all ties into the game’s big summer push right now, with the main focus being the No Sweat Summer event challenges. However, while these challenges are all about the battle royale mode itself, this new map is all about the laughs.

The mini-games available, which you can see here, include moving platforms, parkour sections, giant boulders and mysterious energy walls. If you’re ready to try them all, you can do so using the code 2548-6280-0338. We still recommend trying out Fall Guys as well – it’s not as violent and shooter as Fortnite, which makes for a nice break, but it’s just as competitive.

There have been some wonderful Fortnite maps recently. The early July music-themed ones remain some of the most innovative we’ve tried, but many gamers have also used the robust creative mod to recreate games like Overwatch 2 as well.

In other Fortnite news, you can now play as John Cena and brag that people won’t see you while you’re getting shot, if you want. You can also check out our guide to the best Fortnite tips and strategies.

Joseph K. Bennett