Festive decoration with the purchase of Konica Minolta corrugated cardboard

Party Decor chose a Konica Minolta PKG-675i inkjet printer to support its new business arm which manufactures cardboard products including shipping boxes and decorative boxes.

The company took delivery of the machine last week and has set up a dedicated room around it to ensure optimal operating conditions in terms of temperature and humidity.

The compact device was launched in February and is the result of Konica Minolta’s partnership with Portuguese developer Mtex NS.

It prints on flat or pre-cut sheets using Memjet printheads and CMYK water-based inks, on sheets up to a maximum thickness of 15mm and 1.2m in height. width, with no limit on sheet length. The imaging width is 1.067m and it prints at 1600 x 1600 dpi or 1600 x 800 dpi at a speed of 150mm or 300mm per second.

Party Decor owner Jan Jaskowiec said Printing week: “We have worked with Konica Minolta for four years and we already own digital printers that we use to print products such as banners, stationery and notepads.

“At the start of the year we were buying a new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4070 and while we were installing it we were already making simple cardboard boxes. During installation, one of the managers we work closely with brought us samples of products that could be made on the PKG-675i.

“From our existing customers, we have had questions as to whether we can [also] making printed boxes, so that was something we already had in mind to some extent.

“When Konica Minolta said that they were in the process of deploying a new machine which is a digital cardboard printer, after some negotiations and meetings, and a presentation of the machine in Portugal [we decided to invest]. The machine is great, it works for hundreds of sheets per hour and therefore has a pretty solid speed.

Thanks to this investment, the company has already signed a contract with a major distributor of Chinese products in the UK market for the exclusive production – at its UK headquarters – of flower boxes, which the distributor previously imported from China. The contract is worth at least £ 750,000 per year and has a minimum term of two years.

Jaskowiec said other products made on the machine will include take-out pizza boxes, which were not viable for the company to outsource before due to the small runs of hundreds that are typically required.

Party Decor is based on five buildings, including a distribution center in Doncaster which opened four months ago, and its 1,115m² two-story head office in Stockton-on-Tees, which includes production space. of 743 m² and a sales office of 372 m².

It has a major contract with Amazon which allows it to manufacture products bearing the Amazon logo. The company also sells its own branded products to its customers through Amazon, as well as through its own website.

The business has grown from year to year; in 2019 he saw a turnover of £ 1million, in 2020 it rose to £ 2million, and Jaskowiec has said he is now on the verge of making around £ 3million sterling this year. It currently employs 12 people and plans to recruit more in the coming months.

The investment in a specialized kit for the cardboard business, comprising the Konica Minolta printer, two Crosland cutters, a forklift and a baler, totaled around £ 300,000.

Earlier this year, the company also installed a Duplo DBM-150 folder and two Summa large format paper cutters to join other finishing kits from manufacturers such as Heidelberg and Grafcut. It also operates digital printers from Canon and two large format printers from Mimaki.

The company’s total investment so far this year, including all of the aforementioned purchases as well as the new specialist plastic molding kit, is around £ 600,000.

Joseph K. Bennett