Erelu Okin: What kind of installation party was that?

There are many examples to confirm that Nigeria is not just a lawless state, but most Nigerians who complain all the time about the state of affairs, do not care about their own safety and their well-being.

Nigerians are getting too much unnecessary trouble, and Erelu Okin’s Pearl Chidinma Ogbolu’s is too serious to overlook.

She hosted a party at the Havilah Event Center on Victoria Island to celebrate her installation as Orile Kemta’s Erelu Okin.

An occasion that was supposed to be a happy connection between a western monarch – Oba Tokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho – and his eastern family-turned visitors turned out to be an embarrassment and something to be remembered for the wrong reason.

For a man who showed how accommodating a chief must be by honoring not only a citizen of another tribe, but also a young woman, Oba Tejuosho deserved better than the result he got from the newly crowned young woman. .

A white Range Rover vehicle was loaded with gasoline into large jerry cans and brought into the venue for the Havilah Event Center setup party or reception.

Just inside the center of the event, his assistants brought many small empty 10 liter jerrycans with a sticker of the celebrant and began to share the fuel from the large container in the trunk of the Range Rover into the drums of 10 liters.

As if that weren’t enough, they then moved the 10 liter jerry cans inside the venue and straight onto the stage where guest fuji artist Malaika was performing. People were laughing and the musician was even heard asking for his own share of fuel.

Really? Instead of running away, you asked “where is my own fuel”? Other guests were comfortably seated, laughing and apparently expecting to be served their own share of the gasoline souvenir. What is wrong with us in this country? Do we no longer value our own lives? Has the current fuel shortage and rising prices affected us so much that we don’t even recognize the danger when we see one? Why have we lost empathy for others? Why do many people think security is an option and not a necessity?

We have yet to overcome a Chidinma Ojukwu who confessed to stabbing Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga and another Chidinma putting the lives of over 100 people in danger, all because she was installed as a ‘Erelu Okin.

As someone who values ​​her life and the lives of others around her, upon seeing the fuel jerrycans inside the party hall, the next thing to do is ask the ushers to take them out or leave immediately . What happens if someone lights a cigarette or smokes around the fuel location? This whole place will go up in flames and many innocent people will die or be seriously injured.

But the guests didn’t leave, they were laughing and dancing, eating and drinking carelessly with gunpowder right in front of them and ready to explode.

Living in Nigeria is a risk in itself and no one should make it worse for us. The next time Chidinma or anyone else wants to have a party and share fuel, the fuel should be delivered to the guests’ homes and not brought inside the venue. Bringing such dangerous content in the middle of a crowd clearly violates the safety rules of all standards.

I have concerns about the new Erelu Okin. If it could go this far the day it was installed, then we should expect more to go in that direction in the weeks, months and years to come. Will it be about handing a razor blade to a toddler? Only time will tell.

I acknowledge his apologies and commend the Lagos State government for sealing the center of the event, but Chidinma must know that ‘sorry’ does not bring life back. Nigerians must also value their own lives and do better for themselves. The government will not be held accountable for anything at any time.

Joseph K. Bennett