Epic Games tried to get first-party games on PS, Xbox and Nintendo

Epic Games Store has done a lot of work to get its Epic Games Store off the ground. They have spent a lot of money to launch games exclusively on the platform. Epic also launched with a weekly free game available to all users, costing them millions. This has mostly paid off in terms of bringing people to the platform, but not in terms of revenue.

However, these efforts don’t paint a full picture of the lengths Epic would go to make EGS attractive over Steam, its main competitor. New reports suggest that Epic Games even attempted to strike a deal with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Apparently the fortnite the creators tried to get their console exclusives on PC through the EGS. Now none of those have apparently succeeded, but it shows the ambitions of CEO Tim Sweeney.

According to the documents, the company offered Sony $200 million for 4-6 titles on the EGS. However, Sony has yet to get back to them and Epic is “awaiting feedback”. Meanwhile, any talk of bringing their exclusives to the EGS has been met with opposition from Microsoft’s Game Pass team. They also noted that there seems to be a closer relationship between Microsoft’s Phil SPencer and Steam’s Gabe Newell. Finally, when it came to Nintendo, even EGS thought approaching them with a split-exclusivity deal was like aiming for the moon, given Nintendo’s history of hermit isolation when it comes to first-party titles.

It makes sense that of the three, only Sony still seems to be on the fence. After all, previous exclusives like Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawnand eventually, Days gone, are finding their way to PC, but via Steam. However, the documents were inconclusive about those talks. Therefore, we think no one should hold their breath for a possible re-release from Sony on the EGS just yet.

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Joseph K. Bennett