Elks Lodge organizes the first shoes and beers event

The first tournament in the Shoes & Brews Horseshoe Pitching Series took place at the Elks Lodge in Pahrump last weekend.

The Shoes & Brews Series is an unauthorized horseshoe throwing competition held at various locations in the Pahrump area.

After each tournament, throwers receive points based on their finishing place. These points are totaled throughout the year and the pitcher with the most points will be declared the series champion.

Mark Kaczmarek was the Serie A champion last season, finishing with a total of 52 points. The Class B series champion was Kevin Chael, who finished with 37 points.

Sunday’s tournament was a double elimination style tournament. Each team consisted of one class A player and one class B player. There were 20 participants divided into 10 teams.

The team of Class A pitcher Kaczmarek and Class B pitcher Chuck Smith won first place. For their victory, each pitcher received 10 points for the series ranking and they each shared 50% of the prize pool.

In second place in the Shoes & Brews tournament was the team of Class A pitcher Rob Foster and Class B pitcher DJ Zuloaga. With their second-place finish, each pitcher received five points for the series standings and they shared 30% of the prize pool.

In the third and final position awarded was the team consisting of Class A pitcher Jason Barela and Class B pitcher Russ Jacobs. For their third-place finish, each pitcher received three points for the series standings and they split the remaining 20% ​​of the cash prize pool.

After the tournament, a 50/50 raffle was held. Christy Russell was declared the winner, receiving half the prize pool in cash. The remaining half will be placed in a jar and awarded to the series champions at the end of the year.

The next event in the Shoes & Brews series will take place on Sunday, March 6. The tournament will take place at Coyote’s Den in Pahrump. All pitchers must register by 11 a.m. to participate in the tournament.

Joseph K. Bennett