Efteling celebrates its jubilee with an “Alice in Wonderland” tea party

The Efteling theme park in the Netherlands has announced that an interactive “Alice in Wonderland” pop-up tea party will help celebrate the park’s 70th anniversary.

Photos and artist renderings courtesy of Efteling

The temporary experience opens March 28, 2022 and runs daily until October 3, inviting visitors to role-play a “Mad Tea Party” hosted by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. The party will take place on the playground in Speelweide and will go on all day.

Tea time Efteling Alice in Wonderland

“Efteling is celebrating its seventieth anniversary in turbulent times, so the importance of being together and escaping reality from time to time is more important than ever,” said Fons Jurgens, CEO of Efteling. “We consciously chose to create a temporary but innovative fairy tale that is about celebration.”

Inspired by the children’s storybook ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by British novelist Lewis Carroll, the party begins as visitors descend into a rabbit hole, where they will encounter March Hare’s vegetable garden filled with family activities and cheerful music.

A table set with teacups, cakes and party hats also includes seven chairs reserved for Efteling residents, who join guests for a “joyful good time,” rhyming, singing and dancing.

Alice in Wonderland painting

In addition, the vegetable garden will include a souvenir kiosk, hospitality section, snacks and beverages. Scenes reminiscent of the famous children’s book provide magical photo backdrops.

The fairytale-inspired Jubilee Year will see the ‘Wonderland’ park adorned with garlands, while festive music plays in every country. The big party will start at 4 p.m. each day.

“Here our visitors will be the guests of honor and will play an active part in the fairy tale with the help of the Mad Hatter and the Walking Hare,” added Jurgens. “Efteling will always stay true to fairy tales, but also look for different and unique ways to innovate over the years, ensuring [the park will] celebrate another seventy years.

Joseph K. Bennett