Dacha Beer Garden’s Seventh Annual ‘Sour Liz’ Event Highlights the Best ‘Pucker Up’ Beers to Tickle the Taste Buds

Drawing by Jonny Ruzzo

Flavor-packed sour beers and probiotics are the latest trend on the beer scene

Washington D.C. (RestaurantNews.com) It’s time to apply lipstick, make funny faces and take a selfie at Dacha Biergarten‘s Shaw where the seventh annual “Sour Liz” event is in full swing until July 20. Named after Elisabeth Taylor’s iconic mural that appears to watch over the beer garden festivities, “Sour Liz” features more than 14 rare, unusual, and notable sour beers from more than 10 participating breweries and inaugurates the latest trend in craft beer, according to Dacha co-founder Dmitry Chekaldin.

“Sours are the fastest growing category of beer right now,” Chekaldin said. “They are rapidly gaining popularity and the varieties are continually multiplying. Everyone loves bold flavors, but our customers especially like them. »

If the Sour Patch Kids had grown up, they would undoubtedly have struggled to choose between some of the tangy and sweet options such as Mustang Sally’s Key Lime Imperial Sour Ale. Another treat for the senses is Caboose Brewing’s Tangerine Gose with unmistakable notes of tangerine and tropical fruit. For total sophistication or to show off in front of friends, there’s Cascade Brewing’s Rose City Sour, described as “delicate aromas of fresh roses with hints of dried cranberries, pomegranates and a hint of white pepper.”

Other participating breweries offering lip concoctions include Red Bear Brewing, Union Brewing, Caboose Brewing, Thin Man Brewery, Ithaca Brewing, Evolution Brewing, Solace Brewing and 7 Locks Brewing.

According to Chekaldin, in addition to the distinctive flavors of sour beers, the fruit-laden drinks could also give the gut a powerful boost. “All sour drinks are infused with probiotics, which are great for digestion and gut health,” he explained. “That’s an added benefit that makes these sour beers so appealing.”

The “Sour Puss Liz” event takes place at the Shaw location of Dacha Beer Garden at 1600 7e NW street location until July 20. Serious beer lovers can join the Dacha Beer Club, a free rewards-based program. Club members can win prizes ranging from free appetizers to brewery tours and parties with friends on the Dacha tab. The Beer Club will meet every Wednesday, a traditional release day for rare and exciting new beers. To learn more about Beer Club, visit dachadc.com.

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