Column: The Democratic Party faces problems of its own making ahead of the election | Opinion

You’ve probably heard that the Republican Party is dying or is already dead. That, of course, is a Democratic Party fairy tale. Consider the facts.

In the 2016 election, Republicans won 46.1% of the popular vote. In 2020, they won 46.9%, with significant gains among black and Hispanic voters. Seventy-two percent of Biden’s 7 million popular vote margin over Trump came from five states, but mostly from California.

In 2020, Republicans won half the states. They won 13 seats in the House and left the Senate tied 50-50. Even that, however, is due to Independent Senators Angus King and Bernie Sanders working alongside 48 Senate Democrats.

Republicans hold a majority of state legislatures and a majority of governorships, which isn’t too shabby for a supposedly moribund party.

Republicans are alive and no amount of pretending otherwise will make them any different. A better factual case is that the Democratic Party is the one who needs the heartbeats. The midterm election and perhaps the 2024 presidential election may well confirm this.

Historically, seat losses in midterm elections are over 30 for a president’s party when the president’s approval rating is less than 50%. Biden’s current approval rating is 41% of American adults, according to

This time around, the Republicans also enjoy a fair cultural advantage behind their backs.

This gift comes from the Democrats who have assiduously cultivated liberal ideology: critical race theory and political correctness and awakening and socialism and cultural cancellation, ad nauseam.

A body might think nullifying Democrats should focus on their public image, especially given their wafer-thin House and Senate majorities. But they don’t. They fear alienating their own far-left elements who perpetuate such madness. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and US Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Llhan Abdullah Omar come to mind.

Party tension has led Democrats to ignore some societal issues. It also spawned bizarre proposals to address substantive issues like immigration, inflation and crime.

Incredibly, Democrats are promoting silly things like defunding the police and crime without penalty, all in the face of ever-rising crime rates. In 2020, the year George Floyd was shot, Democratic calls for defunding the police were ubiquitous.

That year, according to FBI data, the United States experienced its highest annual increase in murders on record. In 2021, homicides in major US cities rose another 5% from 2020, the Council on Criminal Justice reported.

Yet speaking of two murders by police in 2022, New York Democratic Councilwoman Kristin Richardson says their deaths didn’t cause her to question her belief that “the NYPD should one day be abolished and the money spent on social programs”. In January, New York City reported a 38.5% increase in crime for 2021.

In California, a new, clear line separates the felony from the misdemeanor of theft and embezzlement. This line was $400. Then the Democrats solved their state’s theft problem by raising the demarcation to $950. Thieves are now brazenly entering stores with calculators, allowing them to stop stealing below the $950 crime threshold.

Studies show a positive correlation between increased crime rates and increased inflation. US inflation rose 7% in 2021, the biggest increase since 1982. It has now risen 1.7% faster than profits. The inflated prices cost the average family an extra $3,000 a year.

Initially, the Democrats claimed that the inflation was “temporary”. By December 10, 2021, it had become too obvious to ignore. Biden acknowledged to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that while he acknowledged inflation “is a real problem,” he thought “it’s at the height of the crisis.” On February 23, energy experts said that rising gasoline prices should push inflation up to 10%.

But President Biden said his ‘Build Back Better’ plan would reduce inflation “because it would cut costs for ordinary people.” Fortunately, adult Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin blocked BBB, saying “big spending equals big inflation.”

Perhaps the toughest issue for Democrats to defend midterm is their record on immigration. The Democrats are well known as the party of open borders. Republicans will characterize them as the party that eschews the rule of law.

Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband and people is essential to our security, prosperity and national sovereignty.

On March 12, 2021, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas appeared before the House Homeland Security Committee, where he denied there was a “crisis” on the southwest border. .

According to PEW Research, in 2021, 1,659,206 illegal aliens crossed our southwestern border. This is the “highest number of illegal crossings recorded since at least 1960”.

The American public is mercurial. He can reverse his opinion in no time. And the midterm elections are a long way off; but not that far. Democrats need to purge their crazies and clean up their image.

They must “build back better”. etc

Michael Smith lives in Southern Pines.

Joseph K. Bennett