CM Stalin greets party members, asks them to refrain from meeting him on Pongal

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MP Stalin on Wednesday urged DMK officials to refrain from greeting him in person in Pongal, and said the pandemic situation called for extreme restraint and strict adherence to precautions. government COVID-19 security plan.

While he will be immensely happy to meet with party members to exchange greetings, in the current context, especially amid rising coronavirus cases, it will be prudent to avoid overcrowding.

Please avoid the congregation. It is absolutely mandatory to follow government guidelines on COVID-19 precautions, ?? said the chairman of DMK, who led his party to a spectacular victory after being in opposition for a decade.

In a letter to party members, Stalin recalled that he had made a similar New Year’s appeal for the same reason and that he was “astonished by the sense of control of the cadres who accepted him and there. adhered ”. So, I ask you to observe it on this Pongal festival (mid-January). Be determined to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It will be an unprecedented Pongal gift that you will give me, ?? said the chairman of DMK.

Extending his Pongal greetings to party officials, he said “that there is an excess of love in hearts and joy in homes.” The Pongal Festival is a unique symbol of Tamil culture, a festival dedicated to peasants and a festival of thanksgiving to nature. He recalled that it was the DMK that identified Pongal as a Tamil festival. Lawmakers and party officials must ensure that government Pongal gift baskets reach recipients.

May your hearts and minds be filled with everlasting joy. Comply with government guidelines on COVID-19 security. Maintain social distancing and wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, ?? Stalin insisted.

Joseph K. Bennett