Clubhouse is testing in-room board games to help people talk

Source: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

Live voice chat app Clubhouse is testing a new feature that will let people play board games within the app, according to a new report.

The feature, confirmed to TechCrunch by Clubhouse, will see people take part in mini-games in an attempt to get people to talk to each other. A kind of icebreaker, a sample game is called Wild Cards and will ask people a series of questions designed to get the conversation started.

Clubhouse has provided a list of questions that may be asked during the game. For example, you may be asked to present your best idea for a movie or series in 60 seconds. Or, you may be asked to try to find a movie the whole group likes in three minutes or less. Other questions might ask you to share the last five things in your search history or explain what kind of dog matches your personality.

Clubhouse Wild CardsSource: Clubhouse

The new feature comes shortly after Clubhouse also added dark mode support and Spotify renamed competitor Spotify Greenroom. Live chat apps, especially Clubhouse, rose to prominence early in the COVID-19 pandemic and have since proven less popular with some users.

Despite competition from Spotify and Twitter, Clubhouse remains one of the best iPhone apps for those who want to participate in live voice chats. The app can be downloaded now from the App Store and is free for everyone.

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