City of Tulsa Hosts Upcoming Draft Master Plan Event

The City of Tulsa held a pop-up event Saturday in Tulsa to explain its master plan for the Kirkpatrick Heights and Greenwood districts.

Community members spoke with city volunteers at Tulsa’s Oasis Fresh Market about the future of the project.

The project will decide what to do with 56 acres of public land in the Kirkpatrick Heights and Greenwood districts of Tulsa.

Community members like Bobby Eaton are excited to see what the plan is for the area.

“Any time a group of people can come together in our community and do something positive, that’s a good thing, and a good thing to uplift our community to do good things,” Eaton said.

The city hopes that pop-ups like this will allow for greater collaboration between the public and the steering committee.

“This will most likely be one of the biggest projects in our city’s history, and from the get-go, we really wanted to be intentional about how to make sure this is driven by the North Tulsa community,” said said Rodrigo Rojas with the city of Tulsa.

By allowing the public to explain their needs directly to the team, Rojas hopes people can shape their community around their needs.

“The main objective is to understand what the project is, but the second, and I think the most important aspect, is that we want people to feel like they have a voice in this project” , said Rojas.

Eaton said he was grateful to everyone who came together to make the project a reality.

“A lot of good camaraderie takes place, and we’re having a great time here doing things in North Tulsa in the community,” Eaton said.

Rojas added that they hope the master plan will be completed this summer.

Joseph K. Bennett