Check Out Regina Block Party Food Trucks That Draw Thousands of People

About 12 years ago, Rob Reinhardt quit his day job to run the Prairie Smokin Spice BBQ food truck and relishes the opportunity to be in the Warehouse District during Regina’s annual block party.

“It’s fantastic, we’ve seen a lot of our regulars come here, but a lot of people we haven’t seen in a long time too,” Reinhardt said. “We are thrilled to greet people face to face again and proud to serve them our food.”

His daughter Delaney has helped Reinhardt run the food truck for nine years.

“I started when I was very little, I always begged you to go with dad and keep going until he kind of taught me everything I know,” he said. she stated.

Today being Father’s Day, spending the day together is a little more special for Delaney and his dad.

“I brought her her present this morning and we’re super close,” she explained. “We are best friends and just to be with him on this day is special.”

Reinhardt is happy that his daughter is invested in the family business.

“It’s great that she’s excited to work,” he said.

“She loves it and takes every opportunity to learn what she can.”

According to the warehouse district, the food truck industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, the block party was a way to try to support them.

“We want to give them the opportunity to come out and recover from the pandemic and reintroduce themselves to people,” said Leasa Gibbons, executive director of Regina’s Warehouse Business Improvement District.

Gibbons added that more than 3,000 people attended the block party on Saturday and Sunday.

The Experience Regina Block Party resonates with a popular song created to show what Regina has to offer.

“We thought why not embrace this song and bring back whatever people love, which is a block party or a barbecue where the community can come together,” Gibbons explained.

Meanwhile, Reinhardt hopes that after a few more years, he will be able to pass on the family business, where the Reinhardt family seeks to cement their family roots in Regina’s warehouse district.

Joseph K. Bennett