Calling all Swifties! Iron City’s Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo Dance Party is on April 15 – buy your tickets now


Sharp image of us shouting Taylor Swift on the way to work. (Matt Keller Lehman / The Little Party)

Birmingham, are you ready?! Ever wanted to dance the night away and sing all the songs you love by Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo? On Friday, April 15, your pop culture fan dreams can come true! Keep reading to learn all about the Fast and Sour Dance Party you can’t miss.

Dance party celebration
Swifties forever. (Matt Keller Lehman / The Little Party)

Like most Taylor Swift fans, Courtney Gibson and Catie Phillips were obsessed with Taylor in her ripped jeans and singing cowgirl boots You belong With Me. They grew up with her through 22, shake it, too good and all the rest.

After the pandemic hit, they craved a sense of community and fun. Haven’t we all? They saw TikTok videos of people at Taylor Swift themed parties in Australia and knew they had to make it here. So they did. They started Le Petite Fete and started taking their Taylor Swift dance parties all over the country and they’re finally heading to Birmingham!

Fast and sour

fast and sour background
It’s time for the photoshoot! (Matt Keller Lehman / The Little Party)

Le Petite Fete brings Swift and Sour to Iron City! Surrounded by Swifties and Olivia Rodrigo fans, you and your friends can dance and sing along to all your favorite songs. I don’t think I can imagine better.

There will be a DJ playing all the hits and a photographer to make sure you can show off your fun night on your stream. With the purchase of your ticket, you get a free Taylor-themed Koozie Slim Can to keep your drink cool while you sing along. Count on me!

all you need to know

Swift and Sour Dance Party Fact Sheet
Look at these queens! (The Little Party / Iron City)

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the details you need to make sure you’re in line at the dance party. I know I will be!

  • What: Swift and Sour – A Taylor and Olivia Dance Party
  • When: Doors open at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 15 – the party starts at 8 p.m.!
  • Or: Bham Iron City
  • Price: $25
  • Get tickets!

*This is a dance party – the artists will not be present*

city ​​of iron

Iron City Bham concert
Couldn’t be a better place. What other concerts do you see in Iron City? (Iron City Bham/Facebook)

As if we needed more convincing to get a ticket to this event, it’s taking place at one of our favorite venues. Iron City is the best place to taste delicious food and listen to good music. Make this music Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo? Even better. Check their calendar for all the events for which you need to buy tickets!

PS Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway in the near (*very*) near future which may include a $150 gift card to Iron City Grill and Key Glock tickets 🤫

Take yours Driver’s license and head to Iron City to sing, dance, cry, whatever you want at all the Swift and Sour jams. Get your tickets now!

Want to be the first to hear about fun happenings like this in Birmingham? Discover Iron City website and give them a follow up Facebook and instagram.

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