Book Release Party – Why Parents Should Give Their Kids The World

Please join Dale and Kellie McIntyre for a signing celebrating the release of The Passport Project. This event is hosted by ARC Realty and Heights Title, LLC.

Millions of American families spend their weekends and vacations playing travel sports. But for a Vestavia family, sport is travel. First author and seasoned traveler Kellie McIntyre and her family have set themselves the goal of exploring six continents before the kids graduate from high school. In 2013, McIntyre, her husband, Dale (founding partner of ARC Realty), and their two daughters packed a suitcase each and embarked on a trip around the world.

“What started as a family goal turned into a first-class education from economy seats,” McIntyre says. This education became The Passport Project.

During the summer of 2020 “Dumpster-fire”, McIntyre felt compelled to create something that would unite people rather than divide them. Convinced that travel is the greatest teacher of all, she knew she had an important story to tell. Celebrating diversity and freedom, McIntyre takes readers from Alabama to 13 countries on four continents – with an unexpected twist.

Uniquely written from the perspective of his (then) 14- and 12-year-old daughters, The Passport Project is a true coming-of-age adventure for ages 8-88.

“You can take the kids out of college, but you can’t take the kids out of college. They dealt with all the typical teenage issues, while constantly navigating new customs and cultures,” says McIntyre.

“McIntyre brilliantly captures the awkward hilarity of teen and family travel while emphasizing the gift of a global worldview,” writes NYT bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford.

After spending the past two years at home, Americans can’t wait to pack up and go. And now that adults and children have mastered remote work and study, more families can choose to plan a global school adventure. What does McIntyre hope readers will take away from his story?

“Life is so much richer when we embrace the world beyond our bubbles.”

Fun fact: The passport project starts and ends in Vestavia and LPMS.

The Passport Project: Two Sisters Ditch Middle School for a Life-Changing Journey Around the World is available at most major online bookstores.

Joseph K. Bennett