Big winner for Parsons at Uncle Sam’s annual birthday party

From: Jennifer Britt

Attorney Parsons

This year, Uncle Sam’s annual birthday party was held at Bear Paw Lodge in Canaan Valley State Park with over 300 people in attendance. There were some great door prizes, three big prizes, and cash prizes ranging from $200 to $5,000 this year. And in addition every 25e the ticket drawn during the elimination received $150.

Party Co-Chair Donna Patrick’s beloved husband, Tom Patrick, originally kicked off the event. T. Patrick started the event as a way to raise money for the operating expenses of the Tucker Community Foundation. Since then, the foundation has grown and now raises funds for scholarships and grants.

Sponsors for the evening included Citizens Bank, Grant County Bank, Mountain Valley Bank and Canaan Resort.

During dinner, the announcement was made that, by unanimous vote, David Cooper would be the new Executive Director of the Tucker Community Foundation. Cooper, who also served as emcee and “Uncle Sam” at the dinner, said, “It’s an honor to take on this role full-time.”

Tickets for this year’s event were priced at $150 each and included two dinners and a chance to win a cash prize of $5,000. All but 15 of the 250 tickets were sold out when the doors opened. These 15 tickets were sold to dinner guests for an additional chance to win $5,000. You could hear the guest say the $150 was worth it because of the wonderful cause.

The event began with a social hour that included an appetizer bar with a delicious Caesar salad, peach salsa, bruschetta bread, and tomato and olive oil medley. Dinner was then served with a perfectly cooked filet mignon, jumbo shrimp, purple and white potatoes and asparagus drizzled with a delicious Hollandaise sauce. Dessert was a sweet treat with freeze dried ice cream, fresh berries, whipped cream and cream sauce. The whole meal was fantastic and the service was excellent!

The first big winner of the night was Aaron Kayle from Davis who won the Greenbrier Resort package worth over $1,400. The Kayle package included a three-day, two-night stay at the resort, including a $400 amenities gift card.

Michigan’s Jasmin Everson was the lucky ticket holder who won Uncle Sam’s Outdoor package worth $1,400. His package included two kayaks with buoyant life jackets, two folding chairs, two red, white and blue towels, a cooler, a Blackstone grill, an awning and a two-person tent. Everson said his great-grandfather was born and raised in Barbour County.

The last jackpot of the Get Tuckered package was drawn by John Nash who wished everyone good luck. This package was valued at over $4,000 with gift certificates and prizes from businesses all over Tucker County. The winner of the package was Luke and Trish Bucher from Harman. The winning ticket was given to them by Luke’s parents.

Several lucky winners received $150. These winners include Robert Ruff, Mark Doak, Bill Smith, Tim Knotts, Jane Parsons, Beth Roberts, Matt Crakes, Tom Poling, and Robin and Tom Kalog.

Prior to the draw of the remaining five tickets, the last remaining ticket number 250 was auctioned off to the highest bidder. After a back and forth war, the ticket auction was won for $1,800 by Kelly, Solena and Skylar Roberts along with Fred Myer.

The last five tickets remaining after eliminating all others in the draw were guaranteed cash winners. According to the rules of the party, the last five ticket holders can choose to split the last five prize categories. If one of the five is unwilling to knock over the remaining prize money, another ticket is drawn and the remaining four entries are again invited to share. This process continues until all cash prizes are awarded. The drawing went all the way with no one choosing to part ways.

Beth Longo won the $200 cash prize. Ann Mealey won the $300 cash prize. Debby McHenry won the $400 cash prize. The auctioned ticket bought by the Roberts and Meyer won the cash prize of $500.

The big $5,000 winner of the night was David Parsons.

The foundation also hosts an annual two-mile walk and three-mile run through Davis, West Virginia called Run for It. The purpose of this race is to give participants a chance to benefit their non-profit organization of choice as well as youth groups, is to give to organizations, public libraries, community improvement projects, school project or educational trips , school and community sports group, existing or new TCF Endowment Fund and other charitable causes. This year’s event is September 21.

All grant and scholarship information is available on the Tucker Community Foundation website at www.TuckerFoundation.Net.

Joseph K. Bennett