Best board games for tablets and smartphones of 2022

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About the best board games for tablets and smartphones

Who said tablets and smartphones separate people in meetings? There are plenty of great board games to keep everyone busy, and if they’re not what you’re looking for, we’ve also got a list of our best board games. These games are perfect for parties as they will have you talking or dancing with your friends to win. If that sounds like fun to do at a party, you’ll love these games.

The best party apps can liven up any gathering thanks to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, even if your celebration isn’t as busy as ever this year. Instead of digging up mysterious game boards or endlessly shuffling cards, you can use your smartphone or tablet to start the fun with no setup or cleanup required. If you’re wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve, check out some of the following apps for Android and iPhone. Whether you want to delight your guests with song and dance, impress them with your little things, or make them laugh with your drawing skills, these games can bring any hype to life.

Here is the list of the best board games for tablets and smartphones


Attack of the Squirrels is a virtual reality game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Oculus Quest. However, the companion app is available for Android and iOS, so multiplayer requires those platforms. That’s how this game works. The virtual reality player takes on the role of a large tree besieged by squirrels. The other players embody the squirrels on their phones and try to stay glued to the tree. There are four playable squirrels, each with their own unique abilities and quirks. It’s surprisingly good for a board game, although the barrier to entry is a bit higher than most mobile board games.

Among us

Among Us is a more traditional board game. It lets you play with five to ten players locally, so there’s plenty of room for people to play. Players use their own devices and connect via local Wi-Fi, so a Wi-Fi connection is required. Other than that, connecting with other players is quite easy. The game asks you to fix things around your ship while an impostor (or two or three) tries to take out the crew. If you find and evict the impostor before he kills everyone, you win. Otherwise, the imposters win. It’s super silly, simple and fun. In-app purchases are mostly for cosmetics, so you can’t pay to earn this one.


It’s a great game to play with friends, especially when they’re in a group. If you know Ellen DeGeneres, you’ll remember the famous talk show host playing the same game on her show. This is their official Android version of Warner Bros. You hold your smartphone to your forehead and your friends will ask you questions about movies, animals or characters displayed on the phone. All you have to do is guess the name.

It’s a simple, fun, and easily accessible game that can be a hit at parties. You can play with one friend or 100 at a time which is the best thing about it. There are 18 different themed decks to choose from and each has a number of cards to guess. In general, I was very impressed with the way the interface handled the cards, the physical gesture.

bad country

Badland is a platform game that seems simple but is far from it, and even more when you play it with one, two or even three friends on the same device. Alone, Badland is a game where you guide a flying bat-like creature through a level full of traps and obstacles while escaping the slow-paced level. Power-ups throughout the level multiply you, and it’s quite difficult to guide all these clones together, so most end up perishing. When you’re two, three or four players, there are a lot more bats and it’s really hard to follow everything that’s going on, in a fun way.


Bounden is a dance game that uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to get you moving. What makes Bounden different is that it’s designed to be played with a partner, making it one of the best apps for small gatherings. Each dancer grabs one end of a smartphone, then tilts the device to move an on-screen sphere through a path of rings. The players wave their arms, twist their bodies, and before they know it, they’re both dancing. The app includes seven dances designed by the Dutch National Ballet and classical music written with dance in mind.


The classic board game goes digital with Charades, where your phone presents you with challenges to complete. Pull out a card by tilting your smartphone and you’ll have something to play, imitate or even dance to, while your friends try to guess exactly what you’re up to. Charades promises 100 theme decks with over 400 playing cards, so there’s usually something new to try. The app is free to download, although in-app purchases may remove ads and give you additional maps.

crossed path

Crossy Road is a family racer with a variety of multiplayer modes. Players move forward and avoid things like water, traffic, and other obstacles. The goal is to go as far as possible without getting run over or falling in the water. Everyone needs their own device for local multiplayer. Other than that, it’s a fun and silly little game. It’s a free game. However, most in-app purchases are for character skins that do not affect actual gameplay.

nba jam

NBA Jam is one of the best arcade sports games. It is also one of the best board games. Players compete in two-on-two basketball. The rules are relatively relaxed with short games, local multiplayer options, and Android TV support. Not good for a large crowd playing all at once. However, it is not difficult to organize a small tournament on a rotating basis. It’s a bit exaggerated. We really like this game and all the different types of local multiplayer it supports.

king of opera

As if it wasn’t comic enough to have four people hunched over a smartphone to play games, the ridiculous nature of King of Opera makes it fun family entertainment. It’s also intuitive, since the goal is simply to keep your tenor in the spotlight. The goal of all the others: knock them off the stage and take the limelight, like a sumo opera. Where King of Opera really clicks is with the controls, which are simple enough for anyone to quickly understand: each singer spins in place, and when a player’s button is pressed, their chubby superstar steps forward, to do his thing. play for the star.


If you’re looking for an engaging game you can play with people, Terraria might be the answer, and it’s the kind of game you can play if you have days to spare. Terraria is basically 2D Minecraft, where you explore a world and slowly turn it into your own realm by digging and building things with it. You can also dig and find monsters and treasures galore. This task is made easier by people to play with, so one person can scavenge materials while the other builds, or someone ventures off to the side where another goes left and another explores to law ; you get the idea, the game is more fun with more people.

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