Best Board Games for Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which runs from June 2-5, marks and celebrates 70 years of Her Majesty’s service.

There are UK-wide plans for the public to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, the special extended bank holiday weekend will provide an opportunity to come together to celebrate this historic milestone. The 4-day celebration will begin with the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade, and the second, a service of thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign will take place at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Great Paul has the largest bell in the country and it is the first royal occasion it will be rung since its restoration in 2021. On day three, the Queen will attend the Derby at Epsom Downs, accompanied by members of the Royal Family.

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On the fourth and final day will be the Jubilee Grand Luncheon and the Platinum Jubilee Contest. There were over 60,000 people registered to host Big Jubilee lunches during the celebrations, events ranging from world record attempts to backyard barbecues. If you’re hosting a luncheon and maybe looking for some themed games with your guests, here’s a list of the best party weekend board games.

Royal Bingo – Jubilee Edition

Bingo is the best way to bring laughter and fun in the same space. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration Bingo can be played with your family, at school, at the local pub or anywhere else.

The object of the game is simple and just like bingo itself. The only difference is that the numbers have been replaced with Royal related items such as Crown, Throne, Queen and up to 20 players can try to be the winner of Royal Bingo. The game also features a Great Britain themed party table decoration. Royal Bingo is available on Amazon for £5.99.

A good royal jubilee quiz

With six categories, the Royal Jubilee quiz is for everyone and you don’t have to be a lifelong royalist to know some of the answers. The six categories include true or false, royal anagrams, flags of Commonwealth countries, royal choice and royal chronology.

Up to 20 people can participate in the quiz, the winner receives a certificate. The Jubilee quiz is available at Amazon for £5.99.

Pin the diamond to the crown

Instead of sticking the tail on the donkey with this game, you should try to stick the diamond sticker as close to the target area as possible, of course after turning three times while blindfolded.

There are 35 numbered stickers so you can have up to 35 people playing with you. It can be played by all ages, but we think kids will love it the most, the game is available on Amazon for £7.99.

Royal charades game

The Royal Family loves to play charades, making it the perfect Platinum Jubilee activity. The game can be played with up to 20 people. It is available on eBay for £3.49 each.

Skip the package game

Buy your winning gift separately, wrap it, add a rhyme card and repeat until all 10 A6 postcards are attached. You won’t need any music systems, just use Royal Rhyme to dictate the game. Skip the Parcel is available for £3.99 on Amazon.

Joseph K. Bennett