Bare Butt Boxing: A New Era of Board Games?

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Board games are a dime a dozen these days. You can find something for anyone online, allowing you to play with anyone you want. He’s about to be a newcomer to the party (sorry), though. Bare Butt Boxing wants to take what Gang Beasts did before it, make it less physics-based than this game, and appeal to a massive audience, but is it any good? We have to take a look at the game and find out.

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The Brilliant Pleasure of Bare Butt Boxing

Unlike Gang Beasts, a game that wants you to fall all over the place as you try to punch and grab your opponents, Bare Butt Boxing really only has one main focus. He wants you to hit your opponents to gain points and try to keep yourself balanced. This is something that took time from the Tuatara team, as they told me during my preview:

“The game has been in development for about a year and a half. We started off pretty slow, exploring what we really wanted to do. Most of this year and a half has been spent engineering, fixing issues and glitches. There are some really tough technical issues you have to overcome when playing multiplayer.

Indeed, this period of development has led to something special. While the build of the game I played was rough and early in development, with clear issues such as bugs and collision issues, the game itself was fun enough that I could just ignore it. The developers at Tuatara assured me that they were still working to fix these issues and that even the early access version of the game would be much smoother to play than the one I played. What I played was, according to Tuatara:

“Essentially an Alpha version of the game. We’re playing with the core gameplay which we want to expand a bit, with different maps and the ability to create playlists for you and your friends to play at will.

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Concept art of bare butt boxing

Bare Butt Boxing tries to take a party-based approach to the game. You dash from person to person, punching your opponent in an effort to knock them into huge goals for varying amounts of points. It’s an entertaining take on traditional board games, allowing friends and family to play in quick bursts. Interestingly, as the developers told me:

“We plan to have local and online multiplayer. It’s not a feature we’re focusing on much at the moment, and it won’t be available in early access, but it’s something we’re thinking about for the future.

It’s an incredibly fun time, one you’ll likely find yourself playing with friends over and over again. While the game itself is obviously unfinished at the moment, given that the game just entered early access this year, there’s enough here to keep you and your friends busy.

Bare Butt Boxing is a game that probably wasn’t on many people’s radars. But it’s one worth watching and having a good chance at, especially with the fun I had during my short hands-on preview with the title. You’ll fall in love with this wacky, colorful world with incredibly powerful combat mechanics that feel great to use on a basic level.

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Of course, you might be wondering what exactly the game will be released on, and luckily, we have the answer for you.

“It will be in early access on Steam later this year. On top of that, we plan to do a full launch in 2023 with all major platforms such as Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Will you be checking out Bare Butt Boxing in Early Access?

Joseph K. Bennett