Apex Legends Season 14 hints at upcoming skins and collectibles event

An Apex Legends datamine has discovered new Legend banners in the game’s files hinting at new skins and a Collection event in Season 14.

As a live service game, Apex Legends is no stranger to leaks from fans searching through its code.

Dataminers discovered a lot of content before its official reveal, like the recent level cap increase or the town takeover events.

Now, another datamine that discovered banners in the games file has reaffirmed the upcoming Collection event and hinted at new skins to come.

Apex Legends Datamine Reaffirms Season 14 Collection Event

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Previous datamines hinted at an event from the “HunterPredator” collection, which was also tied to a possible legacy for Loba.

The leak comes from SenosApex on Twitter, who posted a photo showing four rare and epic banner frames matching a certain legend.

SenosApex captioned the tweet, “‘HunterPredator’ frames for Fuse, Lifeline, Horizon, Loba [or] Valk.

The image shows a rare pirate-themed banner for Fuse, an Epic Stormpoint-themed banner for Lifeline, an epic futuristic banner for Horizon, and a rare retro-themed banner for Loba or Valkyrie.

When asked if that meant these legends get legendary skins, the leaker replied, “There should be a legend for Lifeline and Horizon, but just based on them getting the rarity frames epic, so don’t take my word for it 100%.

Additionally, the code attached the “HunterPredator” label to the banners.

This “HunterPredator” label was discovered in a previous datamine that discovered weapon skins and Epic skins for Fuse, Gibraltar, and Revenant.

On top of that, various leaks have indicated that Loba will get an inheritance in Season 14, with some suggesting that he will arrive in this “HunterPredator” collection event.

Of course, all of this information is still unconfirmed, so fans should take it with a grain of salt.

Still, there might be a good chance Apex Legends fans can expect a new Collection event sooner rather than later.

Joseph K. Bennett