An overview of easy (and fun) party games to plan a virtual gathering

From Cards Against Humanity type games to make you laugh, to classics that are always great, consider one of these for the next game night.

For once, it’s not just the pandemic that’s keeping many people at home, but the inclement weather that naturally accompanies the winter season. For many in the Northeast and Midwest, intense winter storms have kept everyone at home on top of a pandemic that — along with vaccine news — has finally shown us the light at the end of the day. tunnel. With an August date, tentatively, before the hope is realized (hopefully) that a majority of people will be vaccinated, some of us are going a little crazier with the end in sight, but no way to safely visit our family or friends for the time being.

Games have replaced normal interactions and encounters and while you may feel exhausted at the thought of another Zoom call, hear us out on this one: with so many new games coming online, it’s worth the bother to try them. Next time you have a free Friday night or weekend morning that might make us laugh (sometimes inappropriate), give them a try…we promise they’ll be a good waste of time.

Jack Box Games

Jackbox games are not necessarily new but new versions are released all the time. With a total of seven (plus mixed sets) to choose from, this is a great option for those with PCs for gaming or game consoles.

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On consoles, using Twitch allows you to share the host’s screen, and if you activate the microphone through a headset, it’s easy for everyone to hear you. Otherwise, just tune in on your laptop or tablet to see everyone and hear their inevitable laughter as you play multiple rounds of Murder Trivia or Quiplash.

Cards Against Humanity

For those who enjoy this slightly quirky and always hilarious game, playing the All Bad Cards online game will provide an equally thrilling time. It’s as easy as setting up a game room and inviting your family and/or friends over, and best of all?

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You don’t have to flip through the cards or find a way to lay them down so all your friends can see them via Zoom.


Likewise, Scattegories is now live and makes it easy to invite all your friends to play an engaging round of this clever board game. Since everything is online, all you need to do is send a link, then when you’re ready, log in and phone everyone on Zoom to feel like you’re playing face-to-face. Unlike Jackbox Games, Scattegories is easily done on each person’s screen, so there’s no need to find a way to share the screen with them.


For those who enjoy simpler games and those who can provide quite a brain teaser question, Quiz Up is a great way to test your knowledge and that of all your friends.

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Since many quiz nights have been canceled due to the pandemic, grab your favorite takeout and start a Zoom call so everyone can get along. When you’re all ready, start the quiz night and arrange virtual prize types for the team that best answers the questions.

table simulator

Another way to try classic games is to use the tabletop simulator. This site has all the card games you could want and makes it easy to play without any necessary items. More people can be added to the game via a link and it’s so easy you can play it on your phone; Just be sure to leave your laptop open for a Zoom call if you want to be able to interact with everyone.

Among us

Among us is a relatively new game that can be played through game console or Steam on PC. There are strict rules when it comes to playing this one, but it’s worth it to have a good time.

among us game
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Each person logs in and is given an anonymous identity and as you progress through the game, it’s up to everyone to decide – as a team – which character is the impostor. If you all come to the same conclusion, then feel free to guess… But you better make sure you guessed right, or the impostor is free to continue his threatening ways.

Table Topics

Questions make a game fun, and TableTopics is a great way to get to know each other, so it’s fun for large playgroups or for bringing several people together. With popular topics like pop culture and TV shows, these are questions anyone can answer and they’re totally random. You could learn fun facts about your friends while having fun sharing common interests and getting to know each other.

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