Ageless 80-year-old woman rocks heels at her birthday party and dances softly on video as guests cheer her on

  • A video doing the rounds online captured an 80-year-old woman gently dancing at her birthday party
  • In the viral clip, the excited birthday celebrant shook her heels and danced around the venue as guests cheered her on
  • The video stunned netizens who did not fail to express their astonishment at his strength and youthful appearance.

An 80-year-old woman has gone viral on social media after celebrating her birthday in style.

The celebrant adorned herself with a shiny and elegant garment which she associated with a high-heeled shoe.

Ageless 80 year old woman Photo credit: @mufasatundeednut
Source: Instagram

As the music played, she moved around the room, dancing and exchanging pleasantries with the cheering guests.

She looked so excited and kept a smiling face while dancing at her party. Netizens adored her beauty and timeless look.

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Social media users on video of 80-year-old woman

Ton said:

“Eat healthy, exercise and you’ll be like this when you turn 80. Happy 80th Mom!”

Domingo_loso wrote:

“I love this. I’m going to show this to my mom.”

Wrldprincecharming said:

“The most beautiful thing you will see on the internet today.”

Slashazhandle commented:

“All MUFASA said, further stay away from oko oloko, pills, body enhancement orishirishi and drink plenty of water while you also clear the bitterness from your mind. All these things affect and you would grow old.”

Santa Cruz commented:

“In all your earnings also, take wisdom and money; a lot of money.

Mamaada_kollitionsbackup said:

“Sister na buhari, they look alike.”

Queentoriyah reacted:

“You don’t stop dancing when you get old, you get old when you stop to dance.”

Watch the video below:

An elderly woman gently dances with a man

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Meanwhile, previously reported that a beautiful elderly woman could not hold back her emotions after receiving a cash gift from kind-hearted Nigerians. A few days ago she danced with a young man on the street and her video went viral on social media.

Several Nigerians who watched the video online said they liked the spirit of the woman and would like to donate money to her.

Money was eventually raised for her and Brytiwundu who shared the video online said it came down to a whooping N317k.


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