Adorable CoComelon cake ideas, party invitations and decorations

One of YouTube’s biggest stars, Baby JJ is the hugely popular CGI toddler on CoComelon, aka the channel most parents of young children have memorized. The cheerful star of many nursery rhyme-based videos, Baby JJ is the “it” celebrity for the preschool set and is sure to be the theme of many birthday parties. So here’s how to throw the best CoComelon birthday party and where to find CoComelon themed cakes, party decorations, invitations, balloons and more.

Why are young children so fascinated with Baby JJ and his friends? Bright visuals and expressive characters help make CoComelon appealing to young fans, but the series isn’t so loaded as to get overwhelming, as licensed psychologist Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., told Romper. It’s basically a comfort show for preschoolers who might not be ready for Office still enough reruns.

So if you are tasked with throwing a birthday party for someone in that age group, then a CoComelon themed party is almost a guaranteed hit. Here’s where to get all the supplies you need for a CoComelon birthday party, from banners to invitations. Now just repeat the Happy Birthday song and get ready to enjoy one of your kid’s first parties.

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You’ll likely be ordering a birthday cake locally, so here are some pictures of CoComelon birthday cakes to use as inspiration. The sheet cake is a birthday mainstay, but there’s also the adorable cupcake cake to consider.

Party Decorations

Decorate your party space with CoComelon balloons, banners and character stands. You can even use printables for the simplest party decoration.


Make your party official with CoComelon invitations. Choose a totally personalized mailer or opt for a digital invitation.


What is a party without balloons? These colorful decorations feature all of your child’s favorite CoComelon characters.

Cake Decorations

Use a CoComelon cake topper to make any cake into a themed birthday cake. They are super cute and easy to customize according to your child’s age.


Nothing adds to this party vibe like a piñata. Get a piñata in the shape of a CoComelon logo, or even Baby JJ.

Throwing the perfect CoComelon birthday party doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. With just a few fun party decor pieces and a Baby JJ banner or two, you’ll be ready for a celebration to remember.

Joseph K. Bennett