A welcome distraction: Judd’s first big arsenal event in years | Opinion

It’s been a while since the Brushfork Armory hosted a concert or large-scale entertainment event. Weather and COVID permitting, that may change later this month.

Cledus T. Judd, with the Glenn Baker Band, is scheduled to perform “This Judd’s For You 2022” at the National Guard Armory in Brushfork on Saturday, January 29.

Judd rose to fame in the 1990s not only for his parodies of country songs, but also for his Jerry Clower-esque narrative humor. He also played in front of one of his biggest crowds at Bluefield earlier in his career.

Judd recently recalled this earlier show during a phone interview with the The telegraph of the day.

“It’s so appropriate for this to happen,” Judd said. “My career had just taken off and they had booked a show at Bluefield (in 1997). I had never heard of Bluefield.

But after this performance, he never forgot this area.

“They were lined up around the building,” Judd said of the overflowing Bluefield crowd at the 1997 concert. “It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen before in my career, right here at Bluefield. The moment when I start over is really good.

Although sporting events still take place at the Brushfork Armory, concerts and related large-scale events have been rare at this location in recent years.

The January 29 show, assuming the weather cooperates, could prove to be a good distraction for area residents, especially after all we’ve been through for the past two years. Doors to the Armory open January 29 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $23.

If we had to guess, our prediction would be that Judd can probably expect to see overflowing crowds at Bluefield again.

Joseph K. Bennett