A Libyan arms dealer was a guest at the Duchess of York’s 60th birthday party

Among the guests who attended a surprise 60th birthday party for Sarah the Duchess of York was Tarek Kaituni, a convicted arms smuggler and longtime, if controversial, friend of her former husband.

It has now emerged that the birthday party, held in October 2019 at the Royal Lodge home in Windsor Great Park shared by the Duke and Duchess, was partially funded by one of Kaituni’s associates, the suspected fraudster Selman Turk.

It was Kaituni, who The Telegraph can now reveal, introduced Mr Turk to the Duke of York in early summer 2019, months before the party was to be held.

Mr Turk is now embroiled in a High Court battle over an alleged £40million international fraud, in which he gave the Duke more than £1million, as well as a payment of £225,000 to the Duchess through a third party account.

Court documents revealed by this newspaper show Mr Turk, who hosted the Duke and Mr Kaituni for a dinner at his home in December 2019, also demanded £25,000 to be paid to the Duke and Duchess’s daughter , Princess Eugenie, over the course of two days. in October this year.

The second payment of £15,000 was listed as a birthday present to the Princess, but was actually to pay for the Duke’s surprise party for his estranged wife.

Joseph K. Bennett