6 Holi party ideas to have fun at home!

The Hindu festival of Holi is a celebration of colors and spring. It marks the victory of light over darkness, that is to say, of good over evil. It is celebrated through a Holi party at home with friends and family, often with Holi themed party ideas.

Here are some interesting party ideas and holi themed decorations you can enjoy at the festival this year.

1. Welcome to organic colors

Forget harmful synthetic colors and play with organic colors instead. They are not only safe for your skin and hair, but they are also environmentally friendly. Also, you can think about saving water and playing only with dry colors.

2. Opt for personalized gift baskets!

In the age of social media, you can send greetings online regardless of the event or celebration. Giving a personal gift to your friends, family or loved one has also become easy with gift cards. Celebrate this holiday with them and let them notice your affection for them. Don’t stretch too much for innovative ideas in gift presentation (unless you can)! Just a hard copy of a greeting card with a personalized touch can keep the excitement going. Make sure your greeting papers are simple yet bright!

3. Host a small Holi party – Let the colors rain down on your family!

Here’s one of the coolest Holi party ideas: throw a party in your house (or in an open field nearby) and shower your friends with color. Maybe make a little decoration with colorful flowers and fancy candles. Be aware of all Covid-19 regulations and follow all preventive measures. Keep it small (maybe just close friends and family) and avoid the huge Holi party you would normally have. Be innovative, let your imagination run wild, sit back and watch the impression it creates! You’ll be popular in no time! It was nothing!

4. Holi Drinks

Holi allows you to relax and set the mood with a good glass of Thandai is all you need. Keep circulating glasses of Lassimocktails and lemonades to keep everyone hydrated and refreshed.

Joseph K. Bennett