5 Holi board games that promise lots of fun

5 Holi board games that promise lots of fun

March 17, 2022, 6:50 p.m.
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You need to choose the best games for your Holi party to make it a memorable one. (Photo credit: Pexel)

Childhood was simple; we pranced around the neighborhood and watched as people threw buckets of colored water on each other, and returned home to be unrecognized by our own family!

But today it’s all about Holi celebrations, especially this year when the pandemic has finally given us some respite.

Here are some fun games you can play on your Holi party.

Well, it’s our desi version of paintball!

Divide into two groups, spread across your yard or on the street where you are playing, and keep a referee aside – he will be responsible for counting the number of balls touched by each team.

Now start your water balloon fight.

To make things easier, each team should be assigned certain colored water balloons.

Take a cup and fill it with dark colored water.

Then flip a coin and have everyone find it.

Whoever finds the piece in less time is the winner.

To make things more interesting, involve multiple players to search for the coin simultaneously and watch how many times they knock the cup over and splash!

Fill lots of balloons with water and spread them on the ground in three sections.

Now bring in three participants for each section and give them a stipulated time of 10 seconds during which they must pop as many balloons as possible with their bare feet.

It’s hilarious how many tend to stumble!

Keep a bucket filled with water at one end of the floor and at the other end arrange cups depending on how many participants you have.

Give each player a pichkari and they must start drawing water from the same bucket together, then walk to the other end and fill their respective cups.

Whoever fills their cup the fastest wins!

This game is to be played in pairs, where one person has to color the other’s face using gulaal but artistically.

Random spots of colors on your partner’s face will not be considered face paint.

They must complete the task on time and bring their artwork, uh art faces, to the judges who will rank them based on the best painting.

Joseph K. Bennett