5 Best Board Games, According to Metacritic (& 5 Worst)

There’s nothing quite like a good board game with friends, and that includes video games in the party genre. These games come in different shapes and sizes, but all board games have the same goal in mind: players enjoy one-off competitions with others.

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The plethora of games in this genre is hard to keep up with. There have been major titles that have always thrilled gamers every time a new title comes out, and there are also underrated single games that grab people’s attention. But, while there are many board games receiving a lot of love, some games fail to bring family and friends together.

ten Best: Guilty Party (78)

Mysteries are always a good time, but it’s better to participate in them than to watch. guilty party from Disney casts players as members of the Dickens Detective Agency. The company is run by Commodore, who is about to retire. But, before the Commodore could give the agency away, his nemesis, Mr. Valentine, began committing a series of crimes.

The game asks players to search for clues with gameplay similar to a turn-based board game. The goal is to find out who among them is the real Mr. Valentin. The game surprised critics for its writing and entertaining gameplay.


9 Worst: Truth or Lie (28)

Putting people in awkward situations can sometimes be fun, as long as everyone is okay with it. truth or lie attempted to be the go-to game to do just that. The game requires players to connect a microphone so players can speak their answers.

The game can either ask a player direct questions, or an individual can ask another a series of questions. The game is supposed to detect whether the speaking player is telling the truth or not. Unfortunately, the technology for this doesn’t work and many reviewers say to avoid this game because of it.

8 Best: Mario Party (79)

the mario party is one of the most iconic board game series of all time. It is normal that his first opus is among the best of the genre. The original game begins with six main mario characters all arguing over which of them is the “super star” of the world – what a groundbreaking premise.

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They decide to fight for the title. The game looks like a traditional board game with up to six cards. There are mini-games that players participate in to earn coins, which are then used to purchase items and stars. The winner of a game must collect the most stars at the end of a certain number of rounds.

7 Worst: Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree (26)

Indie board games are very popular these days for their unique concepts, gameplay, and characters. The reviews of Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree the impression of having failed in the three categories. The hillbilly collection includes twelve mini-games based on the so-called “redneck activities”.

Most games used Wii Remote motion controls, such as “Backyard Shooting”, where players had to use the pointer. Multiplayer involved taking turns with single-player games to see who would get the highest score. The game was also criticized for its lack of content and relatively poor taste.

6 Best: Kinect Party (81)

Do you remember the Kinect? Microsoft has stopped making the classic sensor bar, but many have fond memories of the device. One of the best games to come out of the Kinect was Kinect party. A sequel to Double Fine Happy Action Theater, there is no concrete gameplay. Instead, the game features 36 different modes for players to try out.

These mostly included fun augmented reality gags such as changing costumes or destroying things that appear. It’s not a deep gaming experience, but reviewers say it’s fun to play with.

5 Worst: Game Party Champions (24)

It’s hard to remember the Wii U launch lineup, as it wasn’t entirely memorable initially. Buried in this line-up was Gaming Party Championsthe fifth and latest game in the Game Party series.

The game was very sports-centric, featuring eight games inspired by real-life sports. This included air hockey, baseball, football, ping pong, etc. It wasn’t helped that this game launched alongside Nintendo Land, a game that received more favorable reviews. Even still, the game was criticized for its boring gameplay and terrible controls.

4 Best: WarioWare: Smooth Movement (83)

WarioWare is known for his fun microgames throughout his series. No game has done it better than WarioWare: smooth movements. The hilarious and fun episode took full advantage of the Wii Remote, calling it the “Form Baton” throughout.

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That said, there is a party element to this game. After beating singleplayer, players can get up to 11 other people to play in multiplayer. There are a variety of different modes to choose from, ranging from a battle royale to a hot potato style game.

3 Worst: Nickelodeon Party Blast (19)

Nickelodeon has some of the most classic franchises of all time, so it’s fun when the company can bring those franchises together in an all-star format. They’ve had some success with this before. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon Party Blast might be the worst Nickelodeon All-Star Game ever released.

Players can assume the role of eight different characters in six different party modes. Each of these modes has a different boss depending on the mini-games being played. The game was heavily criticized for its poor controls, terrible gameplay, and poor sound design.

2 Best: Super Monkey Ball 2 (87)

SEGA has many popular franchises, but the one that doesn’t get as much love is the Super monkey ball franchise. His first sequel Super Monkey Ball 2, is ranked as the best board game on Metacritic. The game has a decent story mode, but the multiplayer modes are what complete this game.

There are 12 board games that offer cooperative or competitive play. All six minigames from the original Super monkey ball back, plus six new unlockable mini-games. The game was praised for its quality single-player mode, but it was further bolstered by its multiplayer offerings.

1 Worst: Family Party – 30 Great Obstacle Arcade Games (11)

The lowest Metacritic score in the website’s history belongs to a board game. Family Party: 30 Great Obstacle Arcade Games has two modes: Challenge mode allows players to compete in a set of five mini-games with the Wii Remote and five mini-games with the Wii U gamepad. Freeplay mode allows random selection of different mini-games. games. Each mode can have up to four players participating.

The game was destroyed by reviewers for having terrible controls, horrible graphics, tedious minigames, and boring voice acting. Even the title was a lie, with 35 games in the collection.

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