17 Best Super Bowl Party Games

The Super Bowl is still weeks away, but while we wait to find out who will be playing, it’s time to start planning the party! Even if you’re just watching with your family, the NFL championship game is a great excuse to pack some snacks and have fun. Here, we’ve compiled the best Super Bowl party games and activities, from Super Bowl bingo printables to felt bean bag football toss. Every idea we’ve collected is sure to improve the overall viewing experience for kids and adults alike, and best of all, many of our games are reusable, meaning you won’t have to do all that brainstorming again. the next time. year. In addition, they will match perfectly with all your football decorations.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten everyone’s favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday besides the game: delicious Super Bowl snacks, Super Bowl recipes, and easy-to-make game day desserts. That’s why we decided to make “food” the central theme of many of these games. A goldfish toss, for example, is a fun way to involve everyone’s favorite cheese cracker, while our favorite DIY shuffleboard version involves M&Ms as game pieces. to encourage your team!

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Super Bowl Bingo

How fun is it? To bring this DIY board game to life, all you have to do is print the sheets provided!

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.


Toss from the goal ring on the field

Do you have a glue gun? Then you can create this metal goal ring throwing game easily. It’s fun for all ages!

Get the tutorial on Sugar and Cloth.


Goldfish Throw

The “snack that smiles back” is the star of this out-of-the-box Super Bowl game.

Get the tutorial on Play Party Plan.


soccer ball throw

A fleece football throw is a safe option for small children. Let them play with it all season (or all year round)!

Get the tutorial on Amy Latta Creations.


advertising bingo

“Fill each square with a product that you think will be advertised during play,” reads the instructions for this printable advertising bingo. “Use each product only once!”

Get the tutorial at Just a Girl and Her Blog.


DIY shuffleboard

Candy and a game? Have been sold. This shuffleboard game uses M&Ms as playing pieces.

Get the tutorial from Alice and Lois.


LEGO paper football game

A LEGO goal post is the easiest way to get creative with your Super Bowl party games this year. Kids will love playing with it long after the weekend is over.

Get the tutorial on Little Bins for Little Hands.


printable soccer pool

Here’s a fun way to win, even if your team doesn’t! Whether you bet a dollar or play without involving money, everyone will have fun with this printable pool table.

Get the tutorial at 100 Directions.


Super Bowl Bingo

Make commercial breaks even more fun with this Super Bowl commercial-themed bingo game.

Get the tutorial on Play Party Plan.


Football Themed Cornhole Set

These cornhole boards are too much fun! They even come with themed beanbags.


Super Bowl Commercial Scoring Panels

Your guests will be thrilled to score the Super Bowl commercials with these free printable signs.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.


soccer throw

Score big points with this DIY soccer throw that you can use every season.

Get the tutorial on A Few Good Pieces.


Football target throw

This throwing game comes with mini soccer balls. It’s the perfect way to keep your kids busy while the adults watch the game.


inflatable soccer target

Football fans will have a Ball trying to hit that bouncy target.


Finger kick football game

All ages will love this fun yet challenging board game.

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