10 best party games for the PS4, according to Ranker

There will always be debates about the best genres of video games, but when it comes to bringing friends together for hours of multiplayer fun, there’s nothing quite like a board game. While the PlayStation 4 may lack some popular board games, like titles like the mario party games inevitably remain on Switch, the console still has plenty of options.

the Jackbox party pack, Overcooked 2and Trivial Pursuit: live! are just a few of the popular choices for board games available now. With so many options, thousands of players on Ranker voted for the board games they think are most worth playing on the console.


ten Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (2015)

The bomb that players must defuse

A puzzle game where the stakes are high and communication essential, Keep talking and nobody blows up living up to the threat of his name. Giving one player a bomb with a series of cryptic entrances and clues and another the instructions on how to defuse it, the two must work together to stop the explosive device before time runs out.

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To add to the tension, too many bad entries also detonate the bomb, so there’s no room for trial and error in this co-op experience. With increasingly difficult levels and a timer that always seems very short, Keep talking and nobody blows up creates hilarious moments of tension.

9 LittleBigPlanet 3 (2014)

Cover of LittleBigPlanet 3

Like the previous little big planet games, which were some of the best platformers outside of the mario series, LittleBigPlanet 3 emphasizes creativity. Players can create their own levels, characters, items, and just about everything else in the game, which can be a lot of fun.

Additionally, being able to access such a wealth of user-created content means that a visit to the game can be very unpredictable. With the game’s servers having been shut down on the PlayStation 3, the PS4 is now the only way to get the LittleBigPlanet 3 party experience, which is a big plus for the console.

8 Broforce (2016)

Broforce - Best Board Games

like the name Broforce implies, this game is about incredibly macho men who fight and are heroes and that makes for a great multiplayer or even single player experience. A 2D side scroller, Broforce features a player character as well as a ton of different “Broforce” members based on action movie icons.

Players are tasked with taking on terrorists and rescuing their teammates in fast-paced racing action. If that wasn’t already a recipe for lots of fun, the game’s levels also contain a lot of destructible elements, which can lead to some hilarious moments if the landscape disappears at the wrong time.

7 Trivial Pursuit: live! (2015)

Trivial Pursuit Live Game Show

Long before party video games became a thing, board games were a great way to have fun competing with friends, so mixing the two together was always likely to work well. There are tons of fun versions of Trivial Pursuit but the video game keeps things simple by testing general knowledge with difficulty levels suitable for all audiences.

Trivial Pursuit: live! also keeps things fast-paced, giving a game-show feel that’s perfect for the local multiplayer experience. Trivial Pursuit: live! 2 recently released for the PS4 and PS5, so it will be interesting to see if this tops the original as the main trivia game for PS4 gamers on Ranker.

6 Autumn Tower Climb (2013)

Tour Fall Ascension is the definitive version of the fully archery-based 2D fighting game that lets players test their aim and reaction skills against each other. Made by the indie developer who later created Celestialthe commitment to simple, satisfying mechanics that made this game great can also be seen in this intense title.

The multiplayer is 4-player local, which makes it perfect for playing with a small group of friends, and it’s one of the best games like Super Smash Bros. which is available on the PS4. In terms of games versus fighting games, there’s not much better for the console than Climbing TowerFall.

5 The Jackbox Party Pack (2014)

The Original Jackbox Party Pack (1)

It is not surprising that the Jackbox party packone of the board game phenomena of the last decade, is still considered one of the best on the entire PlayStation 4. With 5 games including You don’t know Jack, Attractive, word potato, lie swatterand fibbagewhich is considered a great board game in its own right, the pack can provide nearly endless hours of fun.

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Often the games offer interesting twists on classic games. In Attractivefor example, the game plays the same way as Pictionary but the prompts are abstract and players will have to choose the correct answer from a group of fake answers thought up by others. Even though many sequels have been released since the first pack, it is worth revisiting.

4 Fibbage (2014)

Fibbage Answers

Also sold as part of the first Jackbox party pack, fibbage is a game of bluffing. For gamers who enjoy the satisfaction of pulling off an incredible lie and gamers who enjoy playing detective, fibbage offers the perfect opportunity to do both. Plus, the crazy prompts the game provides mean the truth can be just as hilarious as the lies.

jack box games usually require nothing more than a smartphone to participate and fibbage is no exception. Its ability to support 8 players gives it an edge over most other board games when it comes to allowing large groups to participate. There is a jack box game for every type of person and for many people, fibbage is still ideal.

3 It’s you! (2017)

A poster for the PS4 exclusive party game Thats You

Board game fans who might compare the PS4 unfavorably to other consoles, especially the Nintendo Switch, will be reassured to know that there are some great board games exclusive to the console. It’s you! is one of them and it offers a unique creative group experience.

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The game plays out as a series of rounds in which players answer questions and complete challenges while points are determined by secret ballot. Players can even design their own questions for the game, allowing them to tailor the experience to their specific group of friends. It’s you! is easily the best PS4 exclusive party game.

2 Overcooked 2 (2018)

Overcooked 2 Main Logo

Overcooked 2 is not a game for anyone who thinks cooking should be a peaceful and relaxing experience. Cooperative multiplayer gaming requires players to work together and communicate well while trying not to burn the kitchen bringing food to demanding customers. Things quickly get very chaotic.

One of the best strategy games for beginners, Overcooked 2 involves frantically collecting ingredients from dishes and crafting them into levels that become increasingly difficult as the game continues. Difficulty should not be underestimated either, as the chaos can make whatever it takes to get a perfect score very difficult.

1 The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (2015)

Poster for the Jackbox Party Pack 2

The team behind the first Jackbox party pack have managed to outdo themselves and create the ultimate board game for PS4 in the form of the Party pack 2. The title offers 5 new games including Fibbage 2a development on the original bluff game, and quiplashthe quick response game that is now one of the most popular in the series.

Bidiots, ear waxand Bomb Corp. complete the pack and each brings their own fresh party game flavor to the mix. Like the previous pack, the games allow for larger groups, including up to 8 players in some cases, which means it’s perfect when there are too many people in a group for a regular board game.

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