10 Best Nintendo Switch Board Games, Ranked By Ranking

It’s the summer break, and Nintendo Switch has just launched its seasonal sale, the “Big Ol’ Super Sale”. Many fantastic titles are currently offering deep discounts, including many of the best games that Nintendo designed to be played in groups rather than solo.

Their board games are sourced from both Nintendo and third parties, as many publishers find the Switch to provide a good port for these titles. With such an overabundance of multiplayer games to choose from, it’s hard to choose the best one. Thankfully, Ranker fans have made their best picks.

Note: Please note that due to the Ranker voting system, these positions are subject to change. At the time of publication, this is the most accurate ranking list.


ten Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Title

Last years Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania was a pleasant surprise. It was a remake of the first two titles from one of SEGA’s most overlooked franchises, and it sees the monkey protagonists navigate a number of difficult journeys. It’s just that it’s the single player mode though; it also contains tons of multiplayer party modes.

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Multiplayer modes contain several options from across the franchise. There are racetracks, boxing matches, tennis and more. Some fans were disappointed with the Monkey Target mode, however, which was more controlling in previous games. Regardless of the flaws, it’s still a great value for anyone looking for a fun time on Switch.

9 tricky tricks

A series of Trick Towers is being built in Tricky Towers on Nintendo Switch.

tricky tricks is available on all platforms, but its Nintendo Switch version has received the most praise. One look at this indie block stacking game should remind players of something. It’s clearly inspired by the iconic and deceptively difficult Tetris series, but adds a new physics-engine themed twist to it. The game focuses on stacking rather than removing rows.

The grid is also divided into half-square increments to make stacking more dynamic. Players can also use seventeen different magic spells to help or hinder other players, and there are three modes to choose from; racing, survival and puzzle. It’s a remarkably fresh take on a classic gaming trope.

8 Ultimate Horse Chicken

A raccoon, a chicken and a horse climb the level geometry in Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Mixing genres can make great board games, and Ultimate Horse Chicken combines platforming, racing and party styles for one of the best experiences on Switch. Many players take on the role of various animals that have to run through obstacle courses, but the fun twist comes when players design these courses.

Players have the ability to place traps that they think will screw up their opponents. Since the races are timed, players can also thwart themselves with traps. This leads to a chaotic mess of levels which is great for having fun with friends, and it also has online and crossplay support.

seven Mario The Aces of Tennis

Waluigi with Rose Mario Tennis

Super MarioThemed sports titles are the hallmark of any Nintendo console. Mario The Aces of Tennis offers a fast-paced tennis experience with plenty of Nintendo charm. The game’s aesthetic redesigns all characters to wear tennis outfits, and players can battle it out on courts based on Mushroom Kingdom locations.

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Some fans felt the game lacked the craziness compared to previous entries. Where this aspect shines though is in the super moves, which build up over the course of the match for crazy animation of the character hitting the ball in a weird way. This back and forth actually makes the gameplay quite tense, making it one of the best skill-based party games on Switch.

6 Tour Fall Ascension

TourChute was originally developed for the Ouya but was ported to Switch under the title Tour Fall Ascension. The game was developed by Maddie Thorson, who also developed the great Nintendo Switch platformer Celestial. This game is also a platformer, centered around knocking opponents off a tower. While all players have bows, head-butting like Mario is also fair game.

The game is fast and the different stages have many dangers. Given the emphasis on platform and verticality, it has a lot in common with Super Smash Bros. Players can also find treasure that gives them an upgrade in matches. If they get bored of multiplayer, they can always play single-player target practice modes to practice.

5 Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

Taiko no Tatsujin for the Switch promotional image, featuring Don-chan.

One of the best rhythm games for beginners, Taiko no Tatsujin started as a series of arcade games. The series features the anthropomorphic drummer Don-chan on his quest to teach everyone taiko drumming. drum and funits Switch version, brings the Japanese-flavored series to its biggest audience yet, and joycons make fun replacements for wands.

The game features multiplayer modes where players can play songs together, and it has several difficulties for rhythm game beginners to play at their own pace. It also features songs from a variety of songs from many genres like pop and classical, and it’s even home to familiar video game songs like MEGALOVANIA by SUBTITLE.

4 Overcooked! 2

A screenshot from the Overcooked 2 video game on Nintendo Switch.

Overcooked! 2 is a cooperative board game where at least two players must team up to prepare food. It’s similar to games like Dinner Dashboard but has chaos all its own. Levels are often quite chaotic to navigate and players must cooperate to even earn a passing score. Exceptionally for board games, players will have to strategize.

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O2 can sometimes be as wild as a real kitchen. Dishes must be washed and ingredients must be prepared before cooking can begin. The lovable characters and quirky levels help take that stress away, though, and with two or more players the game can be an exciting race to the end with friends.

3 Super Mario Party

Mario and company in art for Super Mario Party

It’s the first party game series from Nintendo that likes to make friends hate each other; mario party. There are two games in the series on Switch; the recent Mario Party Superstars and the oldest Super Mario Party. Both are excellent, but Great is the star.

Each character has a unique dice block that gives them certain advantages. This makes character choice important for the first time in the series. Moreover, it also brought many new ways to play minigames like the new River Survival mode. Combine that with characters like Bowser becoming playable for the first time, and Great is one of the most unique mario party Games.

2 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Cover of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC list.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the greatest fighting games of all time with a seemingly endless variety of options for awesome gameplay Smash Bros. characters. With a massive grassroots competitive scene, it’s easy to overlook its occasional merits.

There are plenty of stages with goofy gadgets that are barely used in competitive play, but make for fantastic party play. It also has tons of fun random items like items that can be turned off, which can help or hinder players in a fun way that also serves as a cross-play reference. At least in the eyes of the fans, Ultimate Smash is the ultimate board game; second to only one other.

1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Dry Bowser in Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was originally released as a Wii U title, but was released in an enhanced format on Switch. This Switch version amps up the series’ chaotic party energy to a climax. Battle mode has returned in full glory after being absent from the original, and the number of riders in a race has increased.

The game features 48 courses to race on; the greatest number of all Mario Kart Thu., With the Course Pass Booster, that number is expected to double. All of these tracks are responsible for Mario Kartlike blue shell, super mushrooms and banana peels. Despite all the chaos, it never feels like the racing is out of the player’s control, leading to a fun party experience that’s always something to master.

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