10 Best Jackbox Party Games To Play With Friends, According To Ranker

When it comes to board games, The Jackbox Party Pack Compilations stand out as a unique source of this type of content. Available on different platforms and playable by anyone with a smartphone, it’s easy to see why jack box games have become such a phenomenon in recent years.

Many games can also be downloaded and played remotely, making them even more perfect for times when it’s hard to meet in person like in recent years. Of these games, these came out to fans on Ranker as the best ones that The Jackbox Party Pack produced.


ten Tee KO (The Jackbox Party Pack 3)

Gameplay of Tee KO Jackbox

For gamers who love fashion and design, Tee KO is the board game that allows them to show what they can do. Players take turns designing t-shirts, then come up with as many slogans as possible. The special thing is that each player can only use each other’s slogans on their t-shirt, which can often lead to some very funny moments.

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The game supports 3-8 players which means it is suitable to be played in large groups and as the name suggests there is a competitive aspect to it. Like all drawing games, Tee KO requires a slightly greater investment of effort, but revisiting designs at the end of each round is guaranteed to be fun.

9 Fibbage XL (The Jackbox Party Pack)

Fibbage Answers

fibbage is considered one of the best party games for the PS4, so it’s no surprise that fans also consider it one of the best to come out. The Jackbox Party Pack. In fibbageplayers are given random trivia questions with a single missing detail that they must fill in. Players who don’t know the real answer are forced to make something up and hope to convince other players.

The game becomes difficult because the anecdotes are often as incredible as anything that has been invented. While the deception and deduction skills required for bluffing games mean they’re not for everyone, fibbage is easily one of the best and is perfect for large or small groups.

8 Push the Button (The Jackbox Party Pack 6)

Press the Steam Gameplay Jackbox Button

Social deduction games like Among uswhich was the most important indie game of 2020, has taken the world by storm in recent years, and Push the button is certainly one of the most varied versions of the formula. Also placing players on an alien ship with the task of eradicating murderous aliens, Push the button tasks players with creating challenges to catch imposters.

However, only a certain number of players can complete each challenge, which means they must use the minigames wisely. These include drawing and pattern-matching challenges that only true teammates will get the right prompts for. Aliens can sabotage players, however, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

7 Fakin’ It (The Jackbox Party Pack 3)

Jackbox Party Pack 3 Fakin It Game

While many jack box games require some degree of bluffing, none of them require you to lie directly in the face of your friends, just like To pretend. At each turn of To pretenda personal question is asked and players must answer it with a raised hand, a yes or a no, or even a facial expression depending on the type of question.

For one of the players, the designated “Faker”, there is no prompt and they must try to justify any answer they accidentally give, no matter how absurd. Players must catch the Faker to prevent them from winning the round and points are awarded to the best liars and detectives, meaning there’s fun to be had even for players who aren’t as good at the game. deception.

6 Trivia Murder Party 2 (The Jackbox Party Pack 6)

Gameplay of Trivia Murder Party 2 from Jackbox Party Pack 6

The sequel to the original game where players can win lots of money, lose their life or even both in some cases. Trivia Murder Party 2 asks players some really tough trivial questions and the game quickly turns into a fight for survival, with players sometimes having to perform tie-breakers to decide who lives and dies.

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As usual, the pleasure of Trivia Murder Party 2 is in the details, as the game is all about the horror feel but contrast with often silly questions and the adorable doll avatars that are used to represent the players. With support for 1 to 8 players, Trivia Murder Party 2 is perfect for large groups.

5 Guesspyonage (The Jackbox Party Pack 3)

Guesspy Gameplay in Jackbox Party Pack 3

Different people may have an affinity for different jackbox games and for players who are good with statistics, Guessing can be perfect. Based on online polls, the game asks players questions, and they are forced to guess what percentage of the general public gave a specific answer.

It sounds simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult and often leaves players reassessing their views on the mainstream. While the game doesn’t get much more complex than that, the base of polls and stats is enough to do Guessing feel fresh and interesting compared to regular trivia games.

4 Surviving the Internet (The Jackbox Party Pack 4)

The tutorial demonstrating an example internet survival cycle from Jackbox 4

A hilarious game where the objective is to take another player out of context in the worst possible way, surviving the internet is the best game of the fourth Jackbox party pack. Players are given a prompt to respond, and their response alone is sent to another player who gives it new context in the form of something like a tweet or news headline.

It turns out that the best way to survive on the internet is to roast other players, make them look as bad as possible and try to be the funniest ones at the end of the game. Supporting a maximum of 8 players, surviving the internet is perfect for large groups.

3 Mad Verse City (The Jackbox Party Pack 5)

Mad Verse City is a game that makes gamers rap lyricists as they come up with rhymes their robot MC fighters must squirt no matter how lame they are. Players are given a prompt in the form of a nearly complete rap and are tasked with filling in the blanks with the best thing they can think of.

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The best raps win the game, although it’s up to the players whether that means the smartest or just the one that made everyone laugh the most. At the end of the game, the top rapper wins a ton of imaginary money as well as the bragging rights of being the best rap bot-writer in the group.

2 Quiplash XL (The Jackbox Party Pack 2)

Gameplay of Quiplash XL in Jackbox Party Pack 2

One of the first hits of The Jackbox Party Pack which has helped secure its reputation as a reliable source of awesome party fun, Quiplash XL is also one of the simplest jack box Games. Players are invited to answer and the funniest answers win. There’s not much more to the game than that, which means it’s a simple test of wits.

However, the simplicity is a bonus as it also gives players the freedom to enjoy the game however they want. Groups of friends can feel free to make their answers as risky as they want, but quiplash can also be a simple clean game to play with family. With two sequels, it is evident how the simple formula of quiplash work for the holidays.

1 Split the Room (The Jackbox Party Pack 5)

The chat presenter in Split the Room from jackbox 5

Presented by a charismatic costumed cat, Divide the room is a game about hypothetical scenarios. Unfortunately, one piece is missing from these hypothetical scenarios and it’s up to players to complete them however they see fit. For once, the objective is not to be the funniest but to produce the greatest sharing of opinions among the other players.

By filling in the void and coming up with the most controversial hypothesis possible, players try to fill the title of the game and put other players at odds. As the winner is decided by who can create the most disagreements, the game is best played in large groups of up to 8 where it can be the most entertaining game that jack box produced.

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