10 best board games on PS4

Nothing makes a meeting as good as a good party game. When you think of a crowd-pleasing classic, titles from Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. probably come to mind. But not all of us own a Nintendo Switch, let alone the required amount of JoyCons for all of our friends.

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There is also no reason for the Nintendo Switch to monopolize all the projectors. Here are a few games that prove the PS4 can be the real party life.

ten Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet 3 Sackboy and his friends

This game is particularly recommended for parties with a slightly younger audience. A puzzle-platformer game playable with up to four friends, Little Big Planet 3 is fantastic for a more relaxing gaming session.

As Sackboy and his woolly friends, you can choose to play through Bunkum’s save story from evil Newton or explore dozens of user-created custom levels. Collecting dots, stickers, and other collectibles across the platform levels even adds an extra layer of friendly competition to the overall experience. Healthy time for all.


9 Keep talking and no one explodes

Keep talking and no one blows up the darkroom with a bomb and an instruction manual on the desk

Bring some panic to your party by disarming bombs together in Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. A player is stuck in a room with a bomb, covered in randomly generated puzzles. The other players have the manual, the key to solving all the puzzles and disarming him. Oh, and time is running out, so you need to talk about it quickly.

Recommended for two and up to four players, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes can be played on your PS4, but the experience is further enhanced when the Bomb Diffuser is wearing a PSVR headset. Talk about immersive fun.

8 Beat the saber

Beat the flying saber cubes towards the screen and the sabers breaking through the air

It may require a PSVR headset, but if you can get your hands on one, Beat Saber is sure to spice up your party. This fast-paced rhythm game creates a sweaty competition in Party mode.

Use your Move Motion controllers to slice blocks to the beat and challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score on a song. Summoning old-school arcade contests with friends but in the most modern way, Beat Saber alone is reason enough to invest in PSVR.

seven To relocate

Move game characters running away from the moving truck overflowing with furniture

Crazy, cooperative chaos. It’s Moving Out in a nutshell. Everyone hates moving to a new place. What if you could do it with friends and smash some windows along the way?

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In Moving Out, you and your friends are a “professional” moving company that isn’t afraid to take shortcuts. Even if that means throwing in the top floor bed frame. With wacky physique and creative level designs, Moving It will make everyone in your party cooperate in the most infuriating way.

6 Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus City themed game board

The game that has broken families and destroyed friendships since 1935 is making a modern comeback with Monopoly Plus. An all-time favorite, Monopoly Plus gives your party the classic board game experience, without having to clean up all the clutter.

With a small selection of different house rules to choose from, this version of the beloved board game makes for a more streamlined experience. Although still hyper-competitive. Online play is available with a Playstation Plus subscription, as well as Pass and Play for those with a limited number of controllers. However, Monopoly Plus does not support cross consoles or mixing local and online play.

5 100-foot robot golf course

100-foot golf robot lines up a shot at a golf ball as buildings are destroyed in the background

Yes, you read that right. Mini golf meets giant mecha battles in the fast paced golf game. Think Mario Golf mode: Super Rush Speed ​​Golf, but with more wacky abilities and hijinks.

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Choose your mecha fighter for special bonuses and demolish buildings in your way … or disturb your friends by blocking their way to the hole. You can even choose to compete against your friends kaiju-style, giving up golf altogether. 100ft Robot Golf is meant to make all party animals rare.

4 Cakes

Cake Bash Cupcake is chased by an angry cheesecake with a lollipop

If you’ve grown up playing one of the Mario Party titles every time you stopped by a friend’s house, then Cake Bash is for you. A sweet twist on the classic board game formula, Cake Bash brings all the nostalgia for those classic Mario Party mini-games.

With a tasty selection of adorable (and rage-filled) pastry characters, you can fight your friends in a fight for all with overwhelming candy combos, combining the best of fighting games with board game shenanigans.

3 Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 figures stand on top of a food truck as the bread surrounds them

Food is said to be the path to the heart, but it’s also the path to an outrageously hilarious party, at least when playing Overcooked 2.

This game is not Cooking Mama. Prepare to cook in the chaos, as you and your friends coordinate cooking delicious cuisine on floating airships, wet dungeons, and slippery winter slopes. All the time management of the basic Diner Dash games harmonizes in the best possible way with the pandemonium of board games.

2 Ultimate Horse Chicken

Chicken Horse Ultimate Characters Go Through Dangerous Floating Obstacles On Blue Background

It is the anti-platform of platform games because it actively encourages you and your friends to sabotage each other in the fight to be … the ultimate chicken horse.

Other 2D platform games have introduced a competitive aspect to the genre, but Ultimate Chicken Horse not only allows players to create platforms, traps, and items on the map after each turn, but also lets you destroy them. The resulting anarchy and the tumultuous strategies that ensue can only lead to a good laugh. You and your friends might end up dying more than any of you reach the final flag, but that’s all the fun.

1 Jackbox Party Packs

Jackbox Party Packs Games stacked on top of each other

When it comes to board games, there really is no competition. The Jackbox Party Packs collection wins. Only one player needs to own Jackbox on their PS4, as the rest will play on other devices with browser access.

From trivia and improv, Pictionary-style games and more, there is literally a game mode for any type of party animal. Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a great pack to start with, as it includes the legendary hilarious Quiplash 2, the deadly Trivia Murder Party quiz, the Tee KO t-shirt contest and much more. Any Jackbox Party Pack is great value for your party.

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